Why You Should Have A Blog

Anybody who wants to be anybody knows that the key to success in business can be found on the internet.

The internet gives incredible scope when it comes to potential clients and a huge, broad audience to market to.

You might not be the writing type, but blogging could still do you a world of good. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should have a blog.


It’s Free to get started

Yup, that’s right. Blogging can be completely free to get started.

This means you have a way of marketing yourself, online, that isn’t going to cost you anything. With a lot of companies taking advantage of knowing that the majority of their customers are online these days, this phenomenon is few and far between.

Creating a blog on a popular platform like WordPress.com is an easy opportunity to capitalise on some free marketing.


TIP: I do recommend investing a little money to get your domain name and web hosting in order to give yourself some credibility. Read my article on starting a blog.

Again, if you want to build a brand, having your own domain name is necessary to look professional.


You’ll Get Used to People Knowing You

If you want to do well in business, you have to put yourself out there.

Self-promotion can be a scary prospect, but it is essential in a lot of areas. Blogging can be a very personal endeavor, which is advantageous when you are seeking to come across as personable and friendly

It allows you to connect with your readers on their level and share a bit of yourself with them that they otherwise might not have been given access to.


You’ll Develop More Confidence

Another aspect of building a brand online is confidence.

If you are the face of your business and the passion behind the talk, you are going to want to be confident in how you come across.

Developing a blog that speaks to your readers and allows them to understand why you are so passionate will help you to be confident in yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

There’s nothing like baring your soul on the internet to build some self-esteem, and blogging is the perfect platform to do this.


It Can Be Really Encouraging

Blogging is a great way to get feedback from your readers and clients so you know what they like and what they don’t like about your blog and branding.

Whilst the negative feedback can be hard to take initially – it’s worth listening to in the long run because you can use it to improve your business and blog, and be more successful in the long run.

Let’s also not forget how amazing it feels to get positive feedback – everyone loves a compliment! Knowing what your readers love to see and hear is as important as knowing what they don’t want.


Blogging Teaches You Discipline

While business is typically a great way to test somebody’s willpower, blogging is also just as powerful.

Both require a high level of discipline and stellar time management skills. Blogging requires consistency and regularity. This means you have to sit down at some point on a regular basis (usually daily) and make sure you are keeping up with your following and commitments.

Blogging on a regular basis will help you to keep up with what you are passionate about, and it will also show your demographic that you mean business.


You’ll Make Money

I saved the best for last.

Of course, everybody wants to know what they can get out of blogging – and they are usually thinking about money.

There are many many ways to make cash blogging. Adverts, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and writing are just a few methods  I’ll go over these in detail in a future blog post.


Quick Takeaway

Turning a blog into a business and a brand has been a dream come true for many (myself included), so it is entirely possible for you too.  Whether your blog directly makes you $10 a month or $10,000 – you’re going to find other benefits too, so try not to think only about money.

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