Instazood Review – It’s a Scam.

Update: November 27th 2017 – I no longer recommend Instazood after finding that their like function gets blocked by Instagram & the account I trialled with them got banned by Instagram temporarily because of their aggressive following & unfollowing functions.

I also trialled their new like buying service for one of my clients, which we paid for – and the likes were not delivered. Their support was also slow and unhelpful. To this date, they haven’t rectified this or paid the funds back.

Update: January 4th 2018 – For those of you thinking about using Instazood’s affiliate program to promote them, I would suggest you reconsider. They have now removed all my funds without making payment (effectively stealing).

Update: March 1st 2018 – Since this review hit the #1 spot on Google, Instazood have been reaching out to me offering to pay my affiliate commissions and claim it’s all a misunderstanding. I have chosen to ignore their messages and decline their payment.

My integrity and sense of morality tell me they would not have looked into my case if it wasn’t for this review, and my affiliate commissions did not get removed by accident.

Update: May 2nd 2018 – Instazood are now saying I have made all of this up (via trustpilot), and the affiliate commissions are available in my account. A screenshot clearly shows that I made $180 from them, but the balance is zero.

The balance is zero because they removed it! They haven’t paid me. And it looks like I’m not the only one.

If you use Instazood’s affiliate program, there’s a chance they will remove your commissions without payment.

My verdict is to avoid this scam company and I will not change my stance on this no matter what they offer.

Try one of the bots listed here instead for a better Instazood alternative.

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Original Instazood Review

Today I’m going to review Instazood.

With the closure of Instagress and Archie in the Instagram bot world, it’s worth knowing a thing or two about where to look next when searching for an alternative reliable automated system that’s going to do the job just as well.

There are still plenty out there to choose from, but choice doesn’t always equal luxury – how do you know that the ones you are coming across provide top quality service that’s going to be worth you investing your time and money?

Instazood Review

It’s best to do your research before going for the first thing you come across and get to know your Instagram bot a little bit before you begin a professional relationship.

Instazood is one of these bots that’s worth getting to know, and while it isn’t necessarily the best your money can buy, it’s certainly worth what you pay for it.

Instazood Review: What is Instazood?

Instazood Services

Let’s take a look at Instazood and how it can help your Instagram.

Instazood is your typical web-based Instagram bot – its features included automatic liking, commenting and following, with an additional function of automatically direct messaging people who have shown an interest in your profile, making it very easy to get new followers.

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This system is operated through its analysing of hashtags that you have selected making it easier for them to hone in on your desired demographic.

Instazood Review - Dashboard
It’s easy to setup. Here’s the dashboard.
Instazood Account Verification
Account Verification

One advantage of Instazood that puts it slightly ahead of some competitors is that it has a decent support system. This allows you to get technical assistance from their team within a few hours of any query.

Additionally, they have a web-based help centre which enables you to search for any unanswered questions yourself if the problem is urgent.

Having a reliable support system for software that is primarily managed by a third company is their main strength.

How Much Is Instazood?

Instazood does charge a monthly fee.

Their most basic package is very affordable, and there is always the option of adding features like direct messaging for a little bit more in the future – so there’s no pressure to sign up for it all initially, you can grow into its features.

Prices seem to change a lot with bots so I won’t write their prices here just in case that happens.

Instazood has everything you need to begin promoting what will soon be your popular and successful Instagram profile.

With its affordable basic service, you can dive right into automating those repetitive engagement tasks and see how much your Instagram will benefit from outsourcing to a third party with advanced software designed specifically for what you need.

3 Day Free Trial

Yep, they have a free trial. This is what the dashboard looks like during the trial:

Instazood Free Trial Dashboard
Instazood Free Trial Dashboard

Instazood Review: So, Should You Buy It?

Instazood is a decent service and will do the job.

However, in my opinion, it is inferior to Follow Adder.

Follow Adder (see my review here) offers more features. InstaQ is slightly superior in that, along with Follow Adder, it is one of the safest bots on the internet – so if you’re concerned about security, its good to take this into account.

While inferior to the likes of Follow Adder and InstaQ, it’s undoubtedly an affordable bot and for what it offers, is a nice basic Instagram tool to go for. However I would still opt for Follow Adder as it works out cheaper with my exclusive coupon (see below).

Instazood is the perfect beginner’s tool for those of you who are just starting out in the Instagram world and don’t know too much about automating your engagement with existing and would-be followers yet.

There’s a lot to learn about doing so which is why its good to team up with a simple, easy to use and affordable bot, in the beginning, making it easy to learn the ropes and quickly become an expert in the field of outsourcing such tasks.

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  1. It’s clear you are fan of followadder and support them and It’s not the reason that instazood or other good Instagram Bots have bad services

    • Some digging with your IP, along with your bad English (which is prevalent on the Instazood website), tells my intuition that you work for Instazood – why don’t you acknowledge my concerns & improve your service rather than try and call me a liar?

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