What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Twitter Followers?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Twitter Followers?

How popular is Twitter today? Is it still profitable?

According to stats, over 500 million messages are tweeted daily. And roughly 80% of users are among the affluent millennial demographic.

This is good news if you’re targeting younger audiences. We also find that the top reasons people come to Twitter is to discover something new and exciting.

So if you have content that meets these expectations, then you can gain attention. But what if your account isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like? You may be tempted to buy Twitter followers.

Is this the right move to take?

Let’s review.

The Pros of Buying Twitter Followers

Initially, you’re going to think of all the great things that may occur when you buy Twitter followers. Here’s a look at some of the reasons most people go out on a limb to make this purchase.

Social Proof Builds Your Reputation

Social proof, the bandwagon effect — there are various terms we use when discussing how social media users engage on platforms.

What we tend to see often is that most people are more willing to follow profiles that have at least a thousand followers.

The smaller the number of followers, the less likely they are to follow. So this creates the dilemma of how do you grow your account from 0 to 1,000?

It seems impossible when no one’s willing to take the leap of faith to start off your follower count. This is one of the top reasons people decide to buy Twitter followers.

And for the most part, it works.

Grow Your Twitter List Organically

Although you’re buying a set of followers to boost your follower list, it ultimately leads to more people following you. As we discussed, social proof is the key to growing your list of followers.

The only other way you’ll see fast growth is if you somehow get lucky with a viral post that blows up your profile status.

Save Time and Money (and Get Results)

You can embark on a variety of campaigns that aim to grow your follower list. For example, you can start up an ad campaign.

But how many ad clicks do you have to pay for to get a single follower?

The issue with ad campaigns is that the risk is high and yield is often low (sometimes less than a percent). This is a significant problem brands face when trying to grow their Twitter accounts.

With paid Twitter followers, you’re guaranteed to get the results you seek. You buy a set number of followers, and they’re delivered within a specific time frame, such as a week or a few days.

So no guesswork to deal with. And no money to waste.

Increase Your Chances of Becoming an Influencer

Your status on Twitter relies on the number of followers you have. It doesn’t matter how many great posts you publish, if no one’s reading or engaging with it, then you’re talking to a virtual wall.

So any ideas you have of becoming a paid influencer go out the window. Brands look to see how many followers you have and how well they engage with your content.

If both are non-existent, then you won’t be able to attract opportunities for sponsorship.

The Downside of Buying Twitter Followers

Next, let’s review the pitfalls of buying Twitter followers from the wrong supplier.

Followers Don’t Engage with Your Content

In many cases, people buy Twitter followers from companies that use bots. These are associated with fake accounts and are automated using AI.

The problem with this is that you’re only getting inflated numbers without the engagement that should ensue. The idea is to get the same amount of engagement you’d receive if you grew your account organically.

This looks odd for an account with tens of thousands of followers, and there aren’t any interactions with your content. When people follow you, it’s because they like your content.

So if they aren’t retweeting and liking your posts, then it sends a red flag to potential followers and brands considering working with you.

Plus, Twitter gives you what’s called a Klout score, which revolves around how much interaction and influence your account has. So followers alone won’t help your rating.

Your Twitter Account Gets Banned

You run the risk of having your Twitter account suspended or banned when you buy fake followers. These Twitter bots are easy for Twitter to spot.

So in due time, your account will be flagged for review and your profile will be taken down. Just last year, Twitter removed tens of millions of fake accounts from its platform.

All those people who purchased fake followers now have slimmer follower lists. Imagine how this looks to their real followers.

And this brings us to the next item on the list.

You Could Get Outed for Buying Fake Followers

Once people find out your list was built upon fake followers, it’ll instantly make you look less credible. There’s no coming back from this and could permanently tarnish your reputation.

On social media, your rapport is everything. Since most of the people you interact with you never meet in person, you need to develop a reputation for being genuine.

Just imagine how humiliating it’ll be when you start to lose real followers after being outed.

You Risk Being Spammed (By Your Own Followers)

Chances are, you’re not going to know the source of the followers you get for your Twitter account. This means you’ll likely get more than a few spammers on your list.

The problem with this is they’re actively engaging with content, but not in a meaningful way. So on each post you make, you’ll have comments from these accounts that are irrelevant and spammy.

For instance, they may keep posting links to drive traffic to their own site. Or may try selling their product in your comments section.

It’s unprofessional and will make your account look bad.

So Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Buy Twitter Followers?

Not at all. This just means you shouldn’t buy FAKE followers. Knowing where you’re followers are coming from is vital before you spend money.

We recommend you work with a reputable source, so you don’t run the risks of being outed or banned.

Here’s a look at what you should look for when purchasing real Twitter followers.

Human Followers, Not Bots

The first thing you should check when shopping for a Twitter follower supplier isn’t the price.

But the quality of the followers they offer. You want to ensure they’re setting you up with human followers who are active with their accounts.

You won’t have to worry about your follower list diminishing the next time Twitter goes on another purge of fake accounts.

Delivery of Followers in a Gradual Way

How suspicious would it be if you saw a profile with 1,000 followers grow to 2,000 followers within seconds?

That’s just not natural. And you don’t want the same for your account. Make sure to ask about the delivery of the followers to see how quickly you’ll get them.

It should appear authentic so it doesn’t raise any alerts with the Twitter bot police.

Target Audiences You Want to Attract

How can you improve the chances of your newfound (purchased) followers engaging with your tweets? It’s difficult to predict when your followers stem from sources from all over the web.

This is why it’s critical to work with a company that uses advanced targeting to help find Twitter users that relate to your niche and topics you cover.

This allows you to turn paid followers into organic followers who interact.

Competitive Rates

You’d think you’d have to spend a boatload on a company that matches all these criteria. But the truth is, some agencies offer affordable deals for optimum results.

You want to find a company that will offer you different plans to match your needs. And the pricing should be on a weekly or monthly basis, so it’s not too overwhelming.

Where Can I Buy Real Followers for Cheap?

That’s the grand question, and we have the answer — Twesocial.

This is where you get access to real followers for your Twitter account. Twesocial specializes in growing real Twitter followers using highly targeted audiences.

You can also get access to custom campaigns specifically for your account.

So what will this cost you? Not much at all. For the regular plan, you pay $15/week, and for the Pro plan, you pay $25/week.

Both promise no fake followers, targeted audiences, and fully managed services. The Pro plan doubles your exposure and offers priority support.

Get Started Growing Your Twitter Followers

Now you have keen insight into the pros and cons of buying Twitter followers. The next step now is to sign up with a reputable company to help you grow your account organically.

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