Targeted advertising with LinkedIn

For many people LinkedIn is little more than a site for displaying a curriculum vitae. For others, it is a professional social network that allows them to forge business connections. However, it’s easy to forget that it also provides the opportunity to run an advertising campaign targeted at professionals. LinkedIn differs from many other social …

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The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent Social Media Channels

With as many social media networks as Elvis impersonators these days, how do you know which ones are right for you? And like Elvis impersonators, some social media channels are definitely worth their weight in gold, a couple are niche performers that appeal to a particular audience, while others try hard but just don’t hit …

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There is No Magic Bullet in Social Media

There is No Magic Bullet in Social Media

Earlier this week I had an interesting meeting with a partner (remember, we prefer partnering) who was being approached by a “web site and social media consultancy” about how he should be marketing his organization via social media. The client organization focuses on selling specialized services to a high end B2B market. The consultancy suggested …

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Listening with 3 Ears

Listening with 3 Ears

It is clear that companies should be listening to social media conversations, but what exactly should you be listening to? Over the past two years I have developed the following approach that has really helped the companies that I have worked with think about listening at three broad levels: Brand Level listening – Chris and …

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